A little technology

Repair is a profession...

It's also a passion


The purpose of this short article is to show that...

Leitz Telys 200mm f/4

Un téléobjectif pour Visoflex sur Leica M

Having arrived in a worse than pitiful state, rescue seemed impossible.

A ruin for the rubbish bin, except… A miracle!

Of course, everything was blocked and dismantling was proving very complicated.

Rust could have stuck the screws in the barrel.

Every attempt was made to solve the problem, and in the end, it was dismantled.

The diaphragm blades were stripped and finely sanded.

The focusing ramps cleaned and regreased.

The glass treated for fungus and cleaned.

Chrome parts also restored.

The very oxidised parts of the barrel and stand are sanded and treated.

The badly damaged sun visor was even turned to correct the deep irregularities.

To finish, these parts were covered with a vermiculated baked-on paint, close to the original appearance of the stand.

In the end, this optic, which can only be used mounted on a Visoflex, delivers respectable results!

“Who would have thought? “


I decline all responsibility if you damage your toys !!! There are professionals to do this work !

Nothing is totally impossible