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Repair is a profession...

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Very specific mechanisms

Foca is a French brand whose manufacturing lasted 20 years, from 1945 to 1965.

The producing company was: Optique et precision de Levallois (OPL).
These devices have very particular mechanics, exclusive to this brand.

Disassembly requires specific OPL / Foca tools used in the workshop.

The 100% French brand

Focus on the mechanisms… How does it work?

The Foca mechanisms are very different from other brands.

It is a typically French design.

A little more complex, repair and maintenance is not always easy.
Cords instead of the usual ribbons, curtains with a particular cutout, a double cam shutter mechanism, a massive rotating rangefinder, etc. etc.

Of course, new parts are impossible to find and recovery from a “donor” is no guarantee that they are not also very used.

Detailed explanations of how this mechanism works require many lines and there are already enough here.

Observing the videos already gives a lot of information…

I decline all responsibility if you damage your toys!!! There are professionals to do this work !