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About Us

Who does what ?


To offer you information and tutorials based on our work.

The equipment goes into the Examination Room for the essential checks, then into the Surgery Room to be completely overhauled or repaired.

By the time they leave the Recovery Room, they are fully functional again.

The Conference Room is on the Facebook group ” Repar’gentique ”.

The articles on this site and the tutorials on YouTube will help you discover how to repair film cameras.

The most important thing is that you enjoy reading and watching them.

It’s not just Japanese and German brands.

We value Foca, the French brand.

The Clinic is one of the few workshops where they are restored.

The actors in our success


Head Nurse and Shipping Manager


Chief Medical Officer nicknamed The Magician

With, of course...

The guardian of the Temple


Nicknamed '' Superglue "

Do the things you like today, tomorrow it may be forbidden

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