Nothing is lost nothing is created everything is transformed (Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier)

The non-standard

Modifications - adaptations

S noir modifié

Nikon F with Nikon F2 viewfinder

This adaptation is a major undertaking.

It requires numerous modifications to the F box.

Why this adaptation? Simply because I like the shutter of the F more, which is more muted and discreet than that of the F2.

Also, for the brightness and reliability of the F2’s viewfinders.

The mirror cage needs to be trimmed in places to allow a DP-1 or 11, DP-2, DP-3 or 12 type viewfinder to be fitted.

The viewfinder mountings must also be added to the front of the cage.

The body of the housing must be modified at the crank to allow the battery container to be fitted.

The two covers adapted for the electrical power contactors.

The sight has been fitted with a microswitch to cut the power supply.

Nikon M 35S Pinhole

This Nikon M-35S was originally designed for microscopes.

It has been mechanically modified and transformed into a Pinhole.

The dual format system has been removed, leaving only the 24×36 format.

An old Kodak shutter was adapted by removing the diaphragm and retaining mainly T and B exposures.

This makes for easier, more precise handling, with a flexible shutter release.

A flash hotshoe has been added so that a ‘sports’ type viewfinder can be used, preserving the randomness of framing.

The pinhole of (d)0.16 corresponds roughly to a 20mm lens at f/125.

(see focal length and exposure tables)

Power supply for F250

The Nikon F250 requires a power supply that is usually plugged into the mains, or a shoulder-mounted battery power supply.

Hard to find, generally very expensive, and specialised for collectors, I decided to make a compact power supply.
Admittedly, you don’t use an F250 every day, so it’s ‘just for the fun of it’.

Based on a converted MB-2 power supply, I adapted a few electrical connection elements.

This F250 works perfectly with this home-made power supply.

Power supply for F36

Modification and adaptation of a Nikon MD-11 to make a power supply for the F36 engine.

Humbly… I’m very proud that this adaptation is displayed in the window of the Nikon Museum in St Bonnet de Mure (.Lyon- France) !

Trigger on MB-1

It doesn’t exist as standard, so why not do it?

Nikon F2 motorised users know that vertical shooting is not very comfortable…

Here’s a typical proto of the adaptation of a Nikon F4 grip release added to an MB-1 power supply.
No modifications to the motor.
A prototype is always a source of hesitation, mistakes, unsuccessful attempts and corrections…


Nikon S2 modified F

This Nikon S2 was incomplete and very worn.

The armament was modified and repaired using Nikon F parts.

This meant reducing the thickness of some knobs. The mechanical principle is almost identical, but the Nikon F has bigger parts.

The perforated curtains were replaced by titanium curtains.

For aesthetic reasons, it has been repainted in Navy Blue.

Nikon S modified " Time Life " style

Evolution of the prototype…

This Nikon S has been completely restored. The curtains have been renewed and the mechanics restored.
It has been repainted in Cerakote satin black. The engravings have been painted in a white/yellow colour, to be less garish.

The arming button has been modified (in the spirit of the “Time Life” model) to make it easier and faster for the user.
For the time being, a HiFi button was used as a base and for testing.

Grooved buttons were made using 3D printing and adapted to the camera.

The frame counter has also been raised.
These buttons are not yet definitive; they need to be painted to finish them off.

Pinhole coffee grinder

A unique model.

This machine is based on an old Peugeot wooden coffee grinder.

It has been modified and transformed into a Pinhole.

The main block was stripped of the coffee-grinding mechanism and adapted for photographic use.

A central hole was made to accommodate the pinhole camera with an additional Cokin filter holder.

The shutter system from an old Kodak box was salvaged and modified by adding more surface area to cover the entire opening.

It was then positioned inside the chamber, which had previously been painted black.

Part of a Nikon soft shutter release was used as a shutter release for long exposures
(position pulled up = shutter open).
The rear was adapted to hold a 6 x 9 format Graflex back.

The box is sheathed in black grained leather, with a pinhole angle mark on the top.

The indispensable spirit level has also been added…

A basic sports-type viewfinder was made with a wire coat hanger.

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