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The purpose of this short article is to show that...

Leica Couplex

Forgotten, then found in a barn years later...

Found at a junk shop at the bottom of a box, it was in such poor condition that he didn’t dare sell it to me… A gift!

No doubt forgotten in a very damp environment, or worse still, the victim of a flood.

It wasn’t just yesterday, but several decades ago.

Totally oxidised and deteriorated, to the point where the viewfinder and optics were the colour of rust.

It was a real challenge!

It was completely dismantled, derusted and deoxidised.

Some parts were finely sanded and polished.
The curtains were renewed and the gears adjusted.
The mechanical parts are usually salvageable, but not the optical parts.

The rangefinder and the lenses of the optics proved to be irrecoverable.

The rangefinder was replaced by a model salvaged from a Zorki (sacrilege!).
Eastern rangefinders are in fact very well made, the only difference with the Leica being the diameter of the fixing screws.
It has retained its well-worn appearance with a new sheath from Hugo Studio.

Despite its deplorable condition, the care taken has brought it back to life and it is fully functional.


I decline all responsibility if you damage your toys !!! There are professionals to do this work !

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