A little technology

Repair is a profession...

It's also a passion


The purpose of this short article is to show that...

Nikon FM2

Forgotten, then found in a barn years later...

This Nikon FM2 arrived in a pitiful state, in a road accident.

Nothing worked, and for good reason.

The violent impact it had suffered had broken the mirror cage into several fractures.

Another impact on the bonnet cast doubt on the state of the prism and electronics.

Vital prognosis close to zero, except… A miracle!

Dismantling, checking the mechanisms, replacing the mirror unit, partial reassembly, checks, straightening the bonnet, final reassembly.

This FM2 was finally saved and, of course, back on the road…

I decline all responsibility if you damage your toys !!! There are professionals to do this work !

Nothing is totally impossible