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The purpose of this short article is to show that...

Nikkon zoom 80-200 AFd

The king of fungus !

Mushrooms all over the lenses, zoom ring jammed, AF/M ring broken.
Another victim of abuse, ‘but what are the police doing? ’ ;-).

Total dismantling and very thorough disinfection of the metal parts.

Lenses dismantled and treated.

Repair of the AF/M ring.


Despite its deplorable condition, the care given to it has brought it back to life and it is still performing very well.

This 80-200 Afd is a continuation of the zoom models covering these focal lengths. It has been replaced by the AFS version, which is much bulkier and heavier.

In both digital and film photography, the results obtained with this zoom are excellent.

– The test photos were taken at full aperture –

I decline all responsibility if you damage your toys !!! There are professionals to do this work !

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