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Cameras and lenses

sarre (1)

Leica III mounted in Sarre

A little history…

In the years following the end of the Second World War, German products were impossible to find in France.

The importer of the Leica brand in France, Tiranty, resorted to manufacturing in the German zone occupied by France

and had batches of cameras manufactured by the Saroptico factory in Saarland.

Production was relatively low, which is an added attraction for collectors.

These cameras are sometimes a little ‘exotic’ because the parts were missing, but they are pure Leica.

This one had never seen a doctor for a long time and was in dire need of care.

Unusable curtains, oxidation, sand, etc etc, in short a clean slate.

Almost complete dismantling, deep cleaning and lubrication, curtains changed, rangefinder overhauled,

added a yellow patch to improve contrast, adjusted the mechanisms…

After this rejuvenating bath, this old man was back in shape for years to come.

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LEICA the legendary brand

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