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Leica M2 -1962

Puzzle style

Once again, ‘Why so much hate! “

I’m not going to tell you why this poor M2 arrived in such a ‘mess’, except that initially it was just a problem with the curtains and a mechanical blockage….

This M2 has been 90% dismantled, which is totally pointless.

But the worst thing won’t be playing ‘mechanic’ like when I was a child, or imagining myself on the assembly line at the Leitz factory. The worst thing is the state of the rangefinder!
That’s another matter…


Little by little, the camera returned to normal operation.

After cocking, the shutter, the curtains, rewinding and complete lubrication, the flash synchro wiring was reinstalled, the shutter stops changed, the slow-speed mechanism cleaned, lubricated and reassembled.

Curtain tensions were balanced and speeds adjusted.
As always with old mechanical shutters, you have to make choices about the actual shutter speeds.

It’s systematically irregular, but within tolerance.
The results were obtained with Sébastien Roy’s little ‘Shutter Lover’, which I appreciate for its ability to record the results on screen.

This makes it possible to compare the differences obtained from the settings made on the camera as we go along.
On this machine, the curtain translation times are a little slower than the average I’ve seen on other M machines.
With the standard tension (+/- 12ms) the cocking was too firm.
Perhaps the springs on this model are stiffer?

After all that, it’s the rangefinder’s turn.

Cleaning, reassembly, adjustments. Everything had to be reviewed: horizontal, infinity, minimum focus, frame adjustment, etc…
( Poor Leica M, it suffered a lot )

A bit of bodywork

This bodyshell had received violent and deep impacts on both sides…

(But how is that possible??).

So much so that the bonnet no longer fitted normally…
It’s not easy to straighten rounded parts without having steel ‘forms’.
Luckily (or with the help of Ste Bidouille), I have a 50mm f/3.5 retractable barrel, the curvature of which corresponds exactly to that of the bonnet… A few fine hammer blows and it’s already much improved.
Admittedly, it’s still marked, no miracle, but the bonnet now fits easily.

LEICA the legendary brand

I decline all responsibility if you damage your toys !!! There are professionals to do this work !

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