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Repair is a profession...

It's also a passion

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The purpose of this page is to explain a repair procedure.

I decline all responsibility if you break your beautiful toys... That's it!

Basic method


MD-2/MD-3/ELW engines are equipped with brittle nylon gears that must be replaced.

After a few years, due to mechanical stress, these sprockets split and no longer provide training.

The brass gears were made to fit for pressure or heat on the motor shaft.

To adjust by pressure, follow these steps:

Use a mini vise or clamp type tool to press in the gears.

If you don’t have a mini vise or clamp, find a hard surface and use a small hammer to gently tap the gear into it.

Do not hammer the gear on the motor shaft side, as this will move the motor shaft.

Gently hammer on the motor shaft, rotate the motor, then gently hammer the motor shaft again. Repeat rotating and hammering until the gear is fully inserted,

To adjust by thermal expansion, follow these steps:

Heat the gear with a dry soldering iron ( no trace of melted solder ) or mini-torch soldering iron, and when the gear is very hot, insert the motor shaft into the gear.

If the motor shaft does not go all the way into the gear, gently hammer the gear as described above.

Be careful not to burn yourself.

For slow shutter speeds in S mode, make sure the shutter button is pressed continuously until the shutter is closed.

An early release could block the F2.

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